Our goal is to be your first choice for archive management.

Depona is a dedicated archive services company that offers innovative and efficient archive solutions. At Depona, the client always comes first.

Depona is a stable company in good financial standing, and has an exemplary credit rating. Our consistent corporate management team has focused on long-term, stable growth has sought to minimise the company’s acquisition of debt. This ensures that Depona has the resources to safely manage your data and retain your records in the best possible way – even far into the future.

We welcome all manner of clients – from those with just a few binders to organisations and businesses with miles of archives already on their shelves. We can always provide affordable and flexible solutions that precisely suit your needs.

We have a strong sense of environmental and social responsibility.

We systematically strive to minimise our energy consumption and endeavour to use the cleanest possible energy sources.

Depona allocates significant funds to an environmentally friendly foundation for climate compensation, and every year our company donates large sums to organisations such as Doctors Without Borders. Our company considers it a privilege to be able to help and contribute whenever possible. No matter which of our services or products you choose to use, you can always rest assured that we are a conscientious and discreet service provider devoted to offering our clients the absolute best solutions – and all at an affordable cost.