We specialise in the archiving of physical and digital documents

All businesses produce data that must be retained. This data must be stored for one’s own purposes, to fulfil contractual agreements, and to comply with legislation.

Whatever the reason, it is crucial to minimise the risk of damage to the material, and to maintain a high level of security. Qualified people also require fast and easy access to the data, regardless of whether it is in physical or digital format.

Structured and safe archiving requires a lot of time and money, not least for the special facilities that are necessary to maintain an acceptable level of security and quality.

Our staff here at Depona are specialists in archive management, and provide archiving services to an ever-increasing number of businesses.

We can help you to improve and streamline the management of your archives, and offer services ranging from consulting and the handling of just a few archive boxes to the takeover and management of extensive existing archives.