Depona has perfected the art of archiving

Depona has all the necessary tools to ensure that the archiving process goes smoothly, and that your data is secure.

When you order our basic service package, we help you to pack and transport your archive materials, and to register them in our web-based Visual Archive® system. This uniquely user-friendly system makes ample use of images, thus simplifying the management of your archives. The archive material is managed and retained in our archive.

Visual Archive® gives you complete control over the archives you store with us. The app allows you to carry out every kind of archive management activity – from ordering to reviewing and approving the destruction of data. When you make an order, it is normally carried out in the course of just a few hours. We arrange for the destruction of data and documents, and issue destruction certificates.

Depona provides comprehensive services through which the archive process becomes rational, smooth, timely, and easy to manage – from Day One until the day that your documents are shredded and recycled into new paper.

For those with greater or more complicated demands, we offer a wide array of services:

Visual Archive Office® is a complete archive management system in which the archived materials can be stored from Day 1 until they are destroyed, regardless of whether they are internally or externally archived, with bar codes or RFID tags on each binder or box level.

E-archiving to ensure redundancy from other service operations, or for use on a daily basis (such as for the archiving of customer contracts).

Archive Products such as boxes, covers, labels, and everything that may be necessary for the storage of physical documents.